Testimony of Samira Ibrahim and Disproving the Military Court Statement

She entered alone to the military court, at 10:30 am, and sat in front of the hall waiting for the session, then a military officer came and slandered her with offensive swearwords, he threatened her saying: “Never think that you would be able to try us or shake the prestige of the military”. The situation developed and he assaulted by beating. Later on, the lawyer came. At that time she was broken down, then the session started and both of them entered an ordinary room (exceptionally!) to deliberate the case. Then, the case was postponed to 2012/2/6.

The military court called for the witnesses to denial: (“Fawzia” and “Abir Rashad”).

Fawzia wasn’t present during the inspection or the virginity tests, she wasn’t present from the first place at the military prison. Abir denied the incident because she was a participant in the incident.

Abir was present during the inspection and the virginity tests, despite that, she denied the incident before the military judiciary.

The military judiciary asked for bringing them as witnesses to denial, but announced in a statement in 2012/2/7 that they were witnesses to prove. Moreover, they claimed that Samira Ibrahim was the one to ask for their presence!

The military judiciary asked for their presence to deny the charge of virginity tests of the militarists.

The case became a sham after the charge was changed form “indecent assault” to “outraging modesty”.

The case was postponed to 2012/2/13 because the military court asked for each of: the commander of the military prison – the chief of the medical section at the military prison, to hear their witness, in order to complete the mock trial.


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